Condition of Usage:

1. The depth for the Electrical Pump below the water is no more than 5m.

2. The temperature of the water is no higher of 4 Degree Celsius.

3. The pH figure of the water is between 6.5 – 8.5.

4. The grain diameter of the solids in the water is no bigger than 0.2 mm.

Function and Feature:
-Vastly used for farming, breed aquatics, mine enterprise and construction site.
-It features its compact size, light weight and convenient use. (Also can be assembled with 3-phase motor).
-The float switch can automatically control on and off with the change of the liquor level.
-The protector in the motor can automatically cut off the power when its overheated or over current. Thus guarantees the security and reliability of pump’s operation even in the atrocious environment.


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