Kendo Multi-function Combination Square, Metric & Inch

  • A center finding head
  • A 180 degree protractor head incorporates a spirit level
  • A square/miter head with 45 degree and 90 degree precision ground faces, incorporates a spirit level and hardened scriber.
  • The adjustable protractor heads may be locked securely in any position along the precision ground steel blade
  • The protractor head can be fixed in both directions
  • Permanently etched graduations in 1/16 Inch and metric on one side and 1/32 Inch and metric on the other
  • Ideal for measuring the inside and outside corners, finding centers and measuring angles of work parts


 Art No. Contents Size Per Box
35320 1pc center finding head

1pc 180 degree protractor head

1pc square/miter head

300mm / 12″ 10
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